About Community Development

Community Development is responsible for developing housing and neighborhood revitalization plans and programs that accurately reflect local needs and conditions and citizens' desired strategies and outcomes; promoting economic development opportunities; assisting minority- and women-owned business enterprises in providing goods and services to the city; conserving and improving the city's existing housing stock; and promoting the stabilization and revitalization of deteriorating and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The Code Enforcement Division enforces local ordinances relating to nuisance violations to protect public health, safety, and general welfare of residents and neighborhoods through the remedy or removal of conditions that infringe on the quality of life conditions. Particular emphasis has been placed on identifying dilapidated vacant unsecured structures and keeping them secured or having them demolished.

The Housing Development Division provides financial and technical assistance to qualified owner-occupants and investors to repair substandard properties. In targeted areas, low- and moderate-income owner-occupants are eligible for direct and deferred payment loans, and investor-owners are eligible for direct payment loans to repair single-family dwellings. Investors are also eligible for direct payment loans to repair multifamily properties citywide.

To foster neighborhood revitalization and homeownership, the Purchase/Tandem Loan Program provides financial assistance for the acquisition and rehabilitation of substandard structures affordable for ownership by low and moderate income individuals, particularly tenants.

The Lead Safe Winston-Salem Program is for property owners with houses and apartments built before 1978 who may qualify for grant-funded assistance to help make the property lead safe. The program's focus is to eliminate the health hazards that lead-based paint presents to young children under the age of 6 years who can ingest paint chips or lead-contaminated dust.

The City of Winston Salem has been awarded a three year 1.1 million grant for YouthBuild. The purpose of YouthBuild is to unleash the positive energy of unemployed young adults to rebuild their communities and their own lives with a commitment to work, education, responsibility and family.

To be eligible, students must be between the ages of 16 and 24 years, and have dropped out of high school. Additionally, eligible participants must meet at least one of the following criteria: current or former foster youth, a youth offender, an adult offender, a youth with a disability, a migrant farm worker youth, a child of an incarcerated parent, or a low-income youth. For further information contact Tina Tate, YouthBuild Program Manager, at (336)734-1281.

The Planning Division develops housing and neighborhood revitalization plans and programs that accurately reflect local needs and conditions and citizens' desired strategies and outcomes. The division effectively and efficiently coordinates the implementation and administration of adopted plans and programs.

Auxiliary Programs are created to assist existing on-going neighborhood improvement initiatives:

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