Urban to Rural Continuum

The Legacy Toolkit is a collection of supplementary materials designed to illuminate various planning and zoning concepts, as well as Legacy 2030, our comprehensive plan. Legacy 2030 stresses the concepts of sustainability and growth management as tools for ensuring quality future development. Legacy Toolkit materials reinforce these underlying concepts with easy-to-understand summary sheets, PowerPoint presentations, representative site plans, and local examples.

Toolkit Handouts

Addressing/Street Naming [pdf/131kb/2p] (12/11/2013)
Area Plan Land Use Designation [pdf/176kb/2p] (12/11/2013)
Area Plan Process [pdf/432kb/2p] (8/13/2012)  
Area Plan Questions and Answers [pdf/352kb/2p] (12/11/2013) 
Criteria for Future Land Use Proposals Within Area Plans [pdf/374kb/3p] (12/11/2013)
Growth Management Areas [pdf/394kb/2p] (12/11/2013)   
Planned Residential Development [pdf/222kb/1p] (2/27/2012)
Planning Abbreviations [pdf/115kb/2p] (12/11/2013)
Residential Infill Development [pdf/432kb/2p] (12/11/2013)
Street Connectivity [pdf/692kb/2p] (12/11/2013) 
Traditional Neighborhood Development [pdf/463kb/2p] (2/27/2012) 
Transit-Oriented Development [pdf/442kb/2p] (2/27/2012)
What is Zoning? [pdf/277kb/2p] (12/11/2013)
Winston-Salem Street Design Standards [pdf/497kb/2p] (2/27/2012)

PowerPoint Slide Shows

Growth Management Areas [pdf/4.9mb/22p] (12/11/2013)
Infill [pdf/3.51mb/27p] (5/28/2009)
Land Use Classification [pdf/2.09mb/19p] (6/1/2009)
Planned Residential Development [pdf/1.53mb/17p] (6/18/2008) 
Residential Infill Development [pdf/6.2mb/27p] (12/11/2013)
Traditional Neighborhood Development [pdf/1.91mb/10p] (6/18/2008) 
Transit-Oriented Development [pdf/1.46mb/16p] (6/18/2008) 

Revised 7/7/2014

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