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The State of North Carolina passed the Farmland Preservation Enabling Act in 1985, authorizing counties to establish farmland preservation programs, including agricultural districts. Forsyth County adopted the Voluntary Agricultural Districts ordinance [pdf/1.2mb/7p] establishing procedures for creating Voluntary Agricultural Districts in 2008. The purpose of the ordinance is to promote the preservation of farmland in Forsyth County so that development and growth will be accompanied by protection of farms from non–farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms, recognizing the importance of agriculture to the economic and cultural life of the county.

Voluntary Agricultural Districts Promote the Pride and Tradition of Forsyth County Agriculture. Forsyth County’s Voluntary Agricultural District Program enhances the identity of the agricultural community by encouraging the voluntary preservation and protection of farmland from non-farm development.


Forsyth Voluntary Agricultural Districts - Overall Map [pdf/2.7mb/1p] (3/31/2016)
Individual District Maps - [pdf/31.4mb/146p] (3/31/2016)

Additional Resources for Voluntary Agricultural Districts

Voluntary Agricultural District brochure [pdf/351kb/2p]  (9/15/2010)
Voluntary Agricultural District Policies [pdf/26kb/1p] (9/16/2010)
Application Form and Instructions [pdf37kb//3p]   (9/16/2010)
Conservation Agreement [pdf/1p/30k]  (9/16/2010) 
Certification [pdf/41kb/1p] (9/16/2010)


Mike Bowman, Soil & Water Conservationist
Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Department
1450 Fairchild Road, Room 11
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
phone: (336)703-2850    email:

update: 3/31/2016

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