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Cold Case Homicide Unit

The Cold Case Homicide Unit was established in May 2008. Currently there are (2) investigators assigned to that specialized unit. The homicide division works closely with the Medical Examiner’s Office in determining the cause of death as well as the District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting offenders. The Cold Case Homicide Unit is responsible for reviewing and prioritizing more than 95 unsolved homicide cases dating back to 1931. This review process takes into account solvability factors which include the availability and condition of evidence, previously identified witnesses and suspects, as well as the impact the particular case has had on the community.

The Featured Cases currently listed on this web site were randomly chosen to ensure the public is kept aware of them and to ask for information and assistance in apprehending those responsible. The families and law enforcement are aware that in each of these cases, there are people – other than the killers – who know who did this.

If you have information on these cases, or any other unsolved Homicide case, you can call the dedicated TIPS line phone answering system at (336) 726-2039 and leave a message or call Crimestoppers at (336) 727-2800 or the Crimestoppers Spanish line at (336) 728-3904. Other ways to share information is by completing the TIPS form and either submit it by e-mail or print and mail it to us at Attention: Cold Case Homicide Unit, Winston-Salem Police Department, P.O. Box 2511, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-2511.


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