Crime Prevention Tips

  • Many burglars will spend
    no more than 60 seconds
    attempting to break into
    a home. Make sure every
    external door has sturdy,
    well-installed deadbolt
  • Sliding glass doors offer
    easy access if not properly
    secured. You can secure
    them by installing
    commercially available
    locks or putting a broomstick
    or wooden dowel in the
    inside track to jam
    the door.
  • Never hide house keys
    under the door mat or a
    rock that is near your
    door. Most burglars know
    that trick. Instead give an
    extra key to a trusted

  • When you move to a new
    house or apartment, have
    a competent locksmith
    rekey the locks.
  • All outside doors to your
    home should be metal or
    solid wood.
  • Install a peephole in all
    entry doors so you can
    see who is outside without
    opening the door.
  • Don't use door chains; they
    break easily and don't keep
    intruders out.
  • Always ask service people
    for identification before
    letting them in your house.
    You may want to contact
    the company to verify their
  • Never, ever pick up hitchhikers.
  • Beware of a stranger who
    approaches you with a " great "
    business opportunity. If it
    sounds to good to be true,
    it usually is.
  • Don't leave anything, such
    as ladders or tools, lying
    around that can be used
    to break into your home.
  • If you are a female and you
    live alone, don't advertise it
    by putting " Miss Jane Doe "
    on your doorbell or mailbox.
    Just put the initial of your
    first name and your last
    name, " J. Doe. "
  • Mark all your valuables
    with your license number.
    Engravers are available
    from the Winston-Salem
    Police Department, on
    a loan-out basis.
  • Never leave your keys in
    your car, for any reason.
  • Never leave your car
    doors unlocked.
  • If possible, choose a parking
    lot with an attendant.

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