Trail User Information

Salem Lake will begin trail maintenance this week that will take place during the week for the next month.

The South side of the Salem Lake trail from the point parking lot to the first walk bride will be closed Wednesday 1/24 through Friday 1/26. Trail Users looking to run/walk/bike 7 miles should do an out-and-back track on the North side (dam side) of the trail.

Large equipment will be coming in and out of this area carrying materials. Please stay out of the closed portion of the trail.

- Updated 1/22/2018

The groomed 7-mile natural surface trail has made Salem Lake one of the most popular outings for exercise in the area. Runners, walkers, bikers, and equestrians have found the new surface on the trail to be refreshing and inviting.

For Your Convenience & Safety

Program the Salem Lake Marina number into your phone: 336-650-7677.

Restrooms and water fountains are located at the Marina Office, Point parking Lot, and Linville Road Parking Lot. Water Fountains at Point and Linville Road  are on April - October.

Miles on the Salem Lake Trail loop are marked beginning at the Point Parking, going in a counter-clockwise direction around the lake.

Trail Users may check in at the Marina Office or call to obtain trail information, i.e. storm damage or clean up, trail maintenance, or water over the dam. The primary and point parking lots, playground, and picnic areas are located at 1001 Salem Lake Road, Winston-Salem, NC (map). The Marina Office is located at 815 Salem Lake Road (map). 

If you have a minor accident on the trail, please call the Marina Office at 336-650-7677  instead of dialing 911. Lake Staff will be more than happy to assist you. For serious accidents and emergencies call 911 first. Afterwards, please call the Fishing Station to give them your location.

*PLEASE NOTE: Closing times will vary throughout the season.*

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