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Do you have a yard-waste cart?

Spring is here and with it, the return of the growing season. Remember, you cannot put grass clippings and other yard waste in the garbage.

Compost your yard waste on site or take advantage of the Sanitation Division’s yard cart program. For a low annual fee, the city will come by every week year-round and empty your yard cart.

Only 96-gallon carts that are compatible with city's automated collection vehicles may be used. Yard carts with hinged, tight-fitting lids to eliminate litter, odor, and insect problems can be ordered through the city for $65 online or by calling CityLink at 311 or 727-8000.

The annual fee for yard cart collection is $60 per year, from July 1 through June 30. This is a flat fee for a full year or any portion of it.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A YARD CART, you can purchase a sticker for the 2013-2014 collection year (begins July 1). Stickers are available online, by calling CityLink at 311 or 727-8000, at the Black-Phillips-Smith Government Center (2301 N. Patterson Ave.) and at the business office in the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street. To purchase or renew for the rest of the current year, call 747-6953 or visit the Revenue counter at the Stuart Building.

Online order forms for both yard-cart and sticker OR for for just the yearly renewal sticker.  

Yard waste is prohibited from landfills

Bulk Container Service

Did you know that the Sanitation Division offers bulk container service at competitive rates for apartments, multi-family developments, businesses, restaurants, churches and non-profits? Customers can provide their own container or rent one from Sanitation. The division has flexible service plans to match every need, including daily collection. Unscheduled pickups are available if needed. To received bulk collection service or for more information, call the Sanitation Division at 727-2638.

Earth Day is coming

Earth Day 2013The annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair is coming to the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds for the first time on April 27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The fair, organized by the Piedmont Environmental Alliance and sponsored by the city of Winston-Salem, is a free, family-friendly outdoor event.

The Piedmont Earth Day Fair is the largest Earth Day event in the Piedmont, drawing crowds of 7,000 or more annually. This free, zero-waste event provides a full day of entertainment, a variety of all-natural foods, and children’s activities to inspire our youngest citizens to take care of our planet. More than 100 exhibitors demonstrate the sustainable features of their products or services and share their passion for protecting the Earth. Parking is free and valet parking is available for cyclists. Visit for more details.


Big Bellies Trash and Recycling cans


RECYCLE Winston-Salem!

Collection changes for Memorial Day, Independence Day holidays

City offices will be closed Monday, May 27, for the Memorial Day holiday. All yard-waste and red-week recycling collections the week of May 27 will be postponed one day: Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc. There will be no change in garbage collections.

City offices will be closed Thursday, July 4, for the Independence Day holiday. During the week of July 1, all collections on Monday through Wednesday will follow the normal schedule. Yard-waste and blue-week recycling collections for Thursday and Friday will be postponed. Thursday garbage routes will be collected on Friday, and Friday garbage routes will be collected on Monday, July 8.

Rollout Recycling One Year Later – It’s a Win-Win!

The city’s switch to biweekly rollout recycling in April 2012 is a win for city taxpayers and for the environment. Now that rollout recycling is fully implemented, the cost of the household recycling program has dropped by $100,000 a month. This is primarily due to the switch to bi-weekly collection made possible with the use of the large roll-out carts. In addition, the amount of materials being recycled has increased 20 percent, diverting these materials from the landfill. That’s good for the environment.

Turning Yard Waste into Compost

Every year the Sanitation Division collects more than 22,500 tons of yard waste and leaves, and almost 17,000 tons of brush. That’s almost of 40,000 tons total, and it all gets recycled for beneficial use.

Brush is chipped and recycled into mulch for use by the city’s Vegetation Management division. Yard waste and leaves are ground up and set out in windrows to compost. Over time, as microbes and worms do their work, the temperature inside the pile heats up, further breaking down the material (and explaining why steam comes off a pile of mulch on a cold winter day). The final product is a rich, loamy soil additive that city crews use in flower and planting beds on roadsides and in parks. Leaf mulch is also made available to the public twice a year at no charge. 

Dates in April for free leaf mulch  

More "Big Bellies" in Downtown

Five more automated “Big Belly” solar-powered compacting garbage bins have been installed, four downtown and one in front of the CVS Pharmacy on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The “Big Belly” trash cans – so named for their large trash capacity – are only slightly larger than the ornamental cans in downtown. But the Big Bellies have a built-in trash compactor that allows them to hold up to five times as much trash as a conventional trash can. The battery-powered compactor is charged by a solar panel built into the top of the can. When the Big Belly reaches capacity, it sends a wireless e-mail to the Sanitation Division.

With their larger capacity, the Big Bellies do not need to be emptied as often, which saves manpower and fuel and reduces truck emissions. The bottom line: Each Big Belly can save the city thousands of dollars in operational costs over its lifetime. The Big Bellies were provided by Waste Management Inc., the city’s recycling partner.



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