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Watch Our Newest Recycling Spot
Watch Out for Our People
Do You Have a Yard-Waste Cart?
Help Keep Plastic Bags out of the Landfill!
Collection Changes for Upcoming Holidays
Help Fight Illegal Dumping

Watch Our Newest Recycling Spot

The slogan “Only recyclables go in the recycling cart” takes on a new, humorous meaning in a short “silent movie” produced by the city’s Marketing team.

In it a man repeatedly tries to put into a recycling cart his leftover styrofoam clamshell food container -- only to have the cart spit it back out each time. Amidst his efforts, other folks have no trouble with the cart when they put cans and newspapers and other recyclables in the cart.

In the video, a youngster finally points out that styrofoam cannot be recycled and the man realizes what he was doing wrong. Unfortunately, in real life our recycling carts don’t reject non-recyclables, and contamination continues to be a major issue in our recycling stream. So please, remember: “Only recyclables go in the recycling cart.” Watch the "Wrong Cart!" video.

Watch Out for Our People

Did you know that sanitation workers have one of the most hazardous jobs in the nation? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs performed by sanitation workers rank in danger with those of pilots, fishermen and loggers. In 2013, nationwide, refuse and recyclable material collectors had a rate of 33 fatalities per 100,000 workers, compared to a fatality rate with just 3.2 for all workers.

When you see that garbage truck, recycling truck, or brush-collection vehicle up ahead on the road, remember to slow down. Don’t assume that the crew members can hear your car or see you approaching. The noise of the truck and the compactor may drown out everything else. Our crews are trained -- and regularly reminded -- to take precautions. But they need drivers to look out for them, too!

So, please: don’t speed past that sanitation vehicle. Slow down, and be sure to leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle.

Do You Have a Yard-Waste Cart?

Remember, you cannot put grass clippings and other yard waste in the garbage. Compost your yard waste on site or take advantage of the Sanitation Division’s yard cart program. For a low annual fee, the city will come by every week and empty your yard cart.

This is a year-round service. Use it for grass in the summer, and leaves in the fall and winter. Yard carts can also be used to dispose of small branches, shrubbery clippings and garden residue. Yard carts cannot be used for stumps, rocks, dirt, large branches, construction material, animal waste, bags, boxes or garbage. You may not use your garbage or recycling cart as a yard-waste cart.

Place your cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your yard-waste cart collection day. Please remember to remove the cart from the curb by midnight of your collection day.

Only 96-gallon carts that are compatible with city's automated collection vehicles may be used. Yard carts with hinged lids that prevent litter, odor, and insect problems can be ordered through the city for $65 by calling CityLink at 311 or 727-8000, or by ordering online.

Online information and order form for yard-waste carts.

Help Keep Plastic Bags out of the Landfill!

Did you know that it can take 500 years or more for a plastic bag to decompose in a landfill? We’re talking about the flimsy bags that you get at the grocery store or that your newspaper is delivered in.

Plastic bags can’t be recycled in your rollout recycling cart because they gum up the automated equipment in the recycling processing plant. But most grocery stores have receptacles out front for recycling plastic bags. The stores send them to a company that turns plastic bags into composite lumber for decks and park benches. And that’s a whole lot better that letting them sit for half a millennium in a landfill.

Here’s a little video that tell you more about it.

Collection Changes for Labor Day Holiday

City offices will be closed Monday, Sept. 5, for the Labor Day holiday. CityLink 311, the city’s citizen service call center, will not be staffed but non-911 emergency calls will be forwarded to on-call staff with the appropriate department. Requests for routine information or services may be submitted by email, the city website and the CityLink 311 mobile application for processing the next day. All yard-waste and recycling collections during the week of Sept. 5 will be postponed one day: Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, etc. There will be no change in garbage collections.

Help Fight Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping continues to be a problem in the city. Illegal dumping is unsightly, lowers property values and creates breeding grounds for vermin. Here’s how you can help:

Call CityLink 311 when you see someone unloading old furniture, TVs, electronics, filled garbage bags or other cast-offs at the side of a road. The city’s Trash Busters program offers rewards up to $250 for information leading to an arrest. All calls are confidential.

Take advantage of the city’s free landfill passes. All homeowners in Winston-Salem can receive two free landfill passes per year. If you don’t need yours, make it available to that friend who is moving and might otherwise be tempted to dump his unwanted junk where it doesn’t belong.

Trash Busters

Landfill Permit application

Rollout News 2016

For more information about these stories, or to report problem or request services, call City Link at (336) 727-8000 or 311 in Winston-Salem or use the 311 Live Chat icon below to connect with a City Link Agent.

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