Sewer Rehabilitation and Water Replacement

Sewer Rehabilitation and Water Line Replacement Projects (see maps below)

The City-County Utility Commission is systematically upgrading water and sewer lines in selected Winston-Salem neighborhoods based on the age of the pipes and the amount of maintenance they are requiring.

During these projects a completely new water distribution system is installed, including pipes, fire hydrants, valves and water meters. The existing system remains in service until the new system is completed and ready to be placed in service. Residents are only without water service for the few hours that it takes to put the new system in service.

The sewer system is rehabilitated using several trenchless or semi-trenchless methods, including pipe-bursting, and cured-in-place pipe lining. Both of these methods repair or replace the existing pipe in place, with little or no digging required. In other cases, new sewer pipes may need to be laid. Residents’ sewer service should only be disrupted for a few hours while crews are working on the lines serving their house. During this time, they will be asked to limit water usage and avoid their washing machines or dishwashers during the day.

Although these projects cover large areas, the contractor works on no more than several blocks at a time. Disruption lasts approximately two to three weeks. The road may be closed to through traffic and on-street parking may be disrupted during construction. Residents still have access to their homes. Door hangers are set out to notify owners the week before they will be affected. Contracts specify that all efforts to preserve trees should be employed. Any water or sewer connections under tree roots are relocated.

The Utility Commission bears all costs of these projects. Work is generally be confined to the public right-of-way. Should access to private property be required, written permission is requested from the owner. Any grassed areas disturbed during construction will be re-seeded, and any landscaping, mail boxes, curb and gutter, sidewalks, etc. disturbed will be returned to their original condition.

Current Projects

21st Street Basin

The 21st Street Basin work area is bordered by Liberty Street to the west, Bowen Boulevard & Attucks Street to the east, 14th Street to the south, and 25th to the north. (See map below).

Construction in the 21st Street Basin area began in November 2015 and is expected to take at least two years. The contractor is Ramey, Inc. The engineer for Utilities who is overseeing the project is Mario Edouard. He can be reached at 727-8474 or by email to .

21st Street basin map, full-size [pdf/1p]

21st Street Basin area

Ardmore Basin 1

The Ardmore Basin 1 work area is mostly between Westover Drive, Miller and Magnolia streets and Hawthorne Road. It also includes portions of Walker and Jefferson avenues and Hoyt, Collingwood, Ford and Bellview streets. (See map below.)

Construction in Armore Basin 1 began Feb. 29, 2016 and is expected to run through mid-2017. The contractor is Lowder Inc. The engineer for Utilities who is overseeing the project is Michael W. Stover. He can be reached at 747-6840 or by email to .

Progress Map of Ardmore Basin full-size [pdf/1p]

ardmore basin map

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