Water Quality

The water we use is thoroughly treated to ensure that it is safe for human consumption. Additionally, it is systematically tested to make certain that it meets or exceeds water quality standards set by state and federal authorities.

Occasionally, water flowing to a residence may appear discolored or taste different. Discolored water may result, from time-to-time, following work on a water line or storage tank in the area, which disturbs the naturally-occurring settlement of minute particles in the bottom of a pipe or tank. It presents no health issue and can be used for most household purposes. Washing clothes with discolored water, however, should be avoided until the discoloration is gone. If the water does not return to its clear color in a few days, you should call 946-2524.

Unusual water taste or smell, or what is commonly referred to as “stale” water, when it occurs, typically results from an under-demand for water, which allows water to rest or move very slowly through a residence’s feeder pipe. This can happen in cul-de-sacs and at the end of a water distribution main, or between the water main and the residence itself. Once the “stale” water has moved through the feeder system, the unusual taste or smell should go away. If it does not, you should call 946-2524.

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