Condemnation Procedures

If the property owner does not accept the offer, the City will file a condemnation with the Superior Court, along with the check to purchase the land or right-of-way. Once the filing is complete, the title to the property is immediately given to the City. The property owner can withdraw the money from the court if there is agreement about the appraisal or value of the land. Condemnation procedures are used as a last resort if the parties cannot come to an agreement. Under the condemnation procedures, there are several steps that occur:

  1. The courts will order mediation between the parties to allow each side to work out their differences on the price of the property.
  2. If mediation is unsuccessful, the court will involve a Commission appointed by the clerk of court, to hear the evidence by each party and make recommendation based on said information.
  3. If the recommendations are appealed, the condemnation will go to jury trial for settlement. 

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