Community and Business Development

The Community and Business Development Department promotes a holistic approach to enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Winston-Salem so they can enjoy livable neighborhoods and increase their opportunities for self-sufficiency. Our focus is revitalizing and stabilizing disadvantaged and deteriorating neighborhoods, facilitating economic development opportunities, developing housing and neighborhood revitalization plans and programs that accurately reflect and address local needs and conditions.

News and Updates

Recommendations for Street Performance Guidelines

City Council Members have expressed interest in the City of Winston-Salem exploring options and parameters for permitting street performers within downtown. The city’s intent is to facilitate the ability of street performers to perform in certain public spaces while balancing the needs of people that live, work, and visit downtown.

Based on input received at two public input sessions held in November and from benchmarking other communities, city staff developed a list of recommendations. 

Recommended Guidelines document [pdf]

Business Training Course

Interested in starting a new business? Currently own a business but need to brush up on some skills? Learn how to successfully plan, open and operate a business at our Small Business Training Program. Weekly topics in the 8-week course include marketing, legal issues, insurance, bookkeeping and taxes, as well as writing a business plan. The class is  FREE and open to local entrepreneurs. For more information, read the program brochure.

Business Training Course Brochure 2015 [pdf]

Planning Development Division

The Planning Development Division of Community and Business Development develops housing and neighborhood revitalization plans and programs that accurately reflect local needs and conditions and the desired strategies and outcomes of our citizens. The Division coordinates the implementation and administration of these adopted plans and programs.

Business Development Division

The Business Development Division monitors and promotes economic development opportunities throughout the city utilizing a series of related programs to provide concentrated assistance to targeted areas and groups. We focus on enhancing the quality of life by attracting, creating, and retaining jobs; augmenting the tax base; and assisting small and minority-owned businesses.

Housing Development Division

The Housing Development Division provides financial and technical assistance to qualified owner-occupants and investors to repair substandard properties. In targeted areas, low- and moderate-income owner- occupants are eligible for direct and deferred payment loans.  Investor-owners are eligible for direct payment loans to repair single-family dwellings. Investors are also eligible for direct payment loans to repair multifamily properties citywide. This Division is also responsible for the Emergency Repair Assistance, Architectural Barrier Removal Assistance (Handicap Assistance), the Lead Safe Program, and Section 3 Construction Training Program.

Code Enforcement Division

Provides consolidated enforcement of local ordinances relating to nuisance violations for:

  • Housing - to protect public health, safety and general welfare;
  • Environmental - to enforce sanitation codes relating to weeded lots, shrubbery, solid waste in yards and curbside trash;
  • Animal and Fowl - to enforce the sanitation code concerning animals, shelter and fencing, prohibited practices, and sanitary handling and disposal of manure;
  • Abandoned Vehicle - Identification and removal of abandoned vehicles on city streets and private property.

Minority & Women's Business Enterprise Division

The M/WBE Division is designed to assist minority- and women-owned business enterprises in providing goods and services to the city.  In addition, this Division provides workshops and seminars for minority- and women-owned businesses, and assistance with the resolution of problems, and complaints relating to the M/WBE program. 

Relocation Services

Relocation Services provides relocation assistance to households and businesses displaced by government action and conducts various community outreach and home counseling programs. Assistance is also provided to the code enforcement officers when they encounter broad neighborhood problems that require citizen involvement in correcting the problems.

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