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About our office

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for researching and recommending improvements concerning greenhouse gas emissions and energy use on an annual basis. This office was also given the appointment to analyze the latest in trends of what the City of Winston-Salem is doing to provide services that reflect the city's leadership in energy and environmental awareness.

What we're working on now

STAR logoSTAR Communities - The STAR Community Rating System (STAR) was built by and for local governments in 2012. Local leaders use STAR to assess their sustainability, set targets for moving forward, and measure progress along the way.

CDP LogoCDP Reporting - CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, runs the global disclosure system that enables companies, cities, states, and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts. Over 500 cities worldwide have disclosed environmental information through CDP. 

Earth Day Fair 2017 logo2017 Annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair - Piedmont Environmental Alliance hosts the largest Earth Day celebration and one-day environmental education event in the region. The fair includes great food and music, activities for adults and kids, and wonderful exhibitors who share ideas and products related to green living. As one of the event's sponsors, the City of Winston-Salem will be exhibiting at this year's fair.

City Sustainability Goals as identified by Legacy 2030

  • Environmentally Sensitive and Sustainable Development - Develop and redevelop land in a manner that will meet our future needs while protecting our natural areas and resources. Low-impact development and the LEED program are examples of ways in which we can achieve this goal.
  • Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Alternatives - Increase energy conservation and efficiency in all sectors of development to promote a sustainable energy future. Our community can move towards accomplishing this goal by using renewable energy resources such as solar, using more alternative fuel vehicles, and reducing overall energy use as individuals and a community.
  • Environmental Regulations - Encourage the creation and enforcement of science-based and cost effective environmental regulations at a city and county level.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Awareness - Increase community understanding of the area's natural systems and related environmental and sustainability issues. In order to do this, it is recommended that the city keep an open dialogue with citizens related to environmental issues as well as continuing to promote environmental programs such as Community Roots Day and Big Sweep.

Community Events

Temple Emanuel TEEM Monthly Movie and Speaker - Each month, Temple Emanuel hosts a movie and speaker event relating to a current environmental topic on the first Thursday of the month. The next event will take place on Thursday, May 4 at 7 p.m. 

2017 Annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair - This year, the 12th Annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair will take place on April 22 at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. Each year the fair has a different theme, and this year's theme is Every Drop Counts. Learn how you can help protect the basic human right to water and minimize your water consumption while enjoying activities for the whole family, workshops, and the exhibitor booths!

Monthly Links

In honor of the Piedmont Earth Day Fair happening this month, we are featuring water as the theme of this month's links. 

Bottled Water or Tap: How Much Does Your Choice Matter? - Are you curious about how your at home water habits can affect the planet? This short quiz from the New York Times will help you assess how much your water habits impact the planet. Next time you get a drink of water, think about your choice! 

Save Water in the Yard this Summer - Now that it is beginning to warm up outside, think about saving water in your yard! This infographic from the EPA shows how much the average water use of a family drastically increases during summer months. When working on your yard this summer, try some of these tips to save water and money!

What you can do to help...

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